A Billion Dollar Industry

At Arsea, we have built a diversified portfolio with high quality property development strategies that have generated returns year-on-year. We continue to develop our multimillion dollar properties, services, and assets in hopes that our mission of impacting lives empowers and inspires our shareholders, and in return, your participation aids in our expansion strategy of saving businesses across Singapore.

As a result, we offer you the opportunity to collaborate with us to jointly enhance your portfolio and to also become a property developer as a result of entering our industry.

Our Sustainable Future

One of the key aspects to the success of Arsea is our continued promise to becoming increasingly sustainable in every area of our work. Tackling sustainability ethically is a global challenge, but we see it as an opportunity to join forces for good in building a sound foundation for our next generation. We believe that our investment in responsibly sourcing materials and developing efficient and environmentally-friendly practices builds sustainable spaces that become the gateway to the future where Singaporeans can thrive in. By creating and implementing sustainable innovations into our work, we trust that we can contribute in driving economic prosperity and also aid in improving the financial wellbeing of our nation.

At this crossroad, we provide an unprecedented opportunity where your contribution will make a global impact in curbing climate change, providing inclusive growth, and offering wider access and affordability for all – today and in the future. As a business with a social conscience, we believe in the power of strengthening communities, because they will be the next generation who will continue our legacy – generating sustainable growth, and in turn, returns.

Our Promise

At Arsea, we focus on growth and those who are courageous and ambitious enough to explore beyond and diversify their realm of expertise. The establishment of our construction arm and the recent development of our platform for our services is only the beginning of our journey. In addition, we also build up to 10 residential homes a year – and it is only going to increase from here. We believe that the property market is a resilient industry and we offer non-property developers a chance to enter the market as one. We see success as a collaborative effort, one that is meant to be shared and achieved together as a team.

If by chance you have something in mind, we would love the opportunity to work with you and that means, if you send any leads for any construction work our way, we will grant you a referral fee as a kickstart to our joint partnership.

Our Portfolio

Following the acquisition of many of our subcontractor’s businesses, our portfolio has expanded across the industry including ancillary trades in property and construction management, both featuring project engineers, technicians, handymen, and other essential staff in plumbing and skilled carpentry work to name a few. We are constantly on the lookout for value-adding partnerships with a goal to creating a better tomorrow, because we aim to leave the world better than it was before.

  • Properties & Construction

    Bespoke homes that exude elevated multigenerational living – using only innovative materials designed to shape our country as a sustainable nation.

  • Commercial Development

    Creative commercial buildings that have been iconically designed and built with the best materials to emanate a sense of timelessness.

  • Maintenance & Home Decor

    Skilled craftsmen and professionals whose aim is to help make living more accessible for all by transforming homes and offices into liveable masterpieces.


  • quote

    “If there is one word I have for Arsea, it’d have to be ‘Trust’. As an trained realtor, I am confident in investing in properties – and Arsea has provided me with a chance to be a property developer. However, from my experience, what sets Arsea apart is their exceptional management, and they are also a business brimming with ideas – some of which have had a value-adding impact towards my own portfolio. In a short time, the company has grown exponentially and I believe their construction quality is only scraping the surface of what they are truly capable of.”

    Property Developer

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