We Are Arsea

Arsea is an avant-garde developer of holistic spaces for multi-generational living. We pride ourselves in being a brand who constantly reinvents itself by expanding its skills across a range of industries in order to stay relevant to the ever-changing market demands. Founded in Singapore, Arsea is an amalgamation of cultures looking to make a difference in your world, and beyond.

We also believe we are at the crossroad to impacting people for the better, and that Singaporeans hold the key to a multitude of talent and ideas that will propel us forward as one, as a family, and as a nation. Our people yesterday, today, and tomorrow are the pillars in which our brand is built upon.

Our Values

Arsea was built by the provisions from the Lord.

This radiates from everyone in our business, from our newest joiner to our partners. We make this our primary goal to walk the talk as Christ’s ambassadors, although no one who works in our company is required to believe in Him.

Performance Excellence

We constantly challenge the status quo to push the boundaries of what is possible to deliver authentic and innovative solutions for all our clients. We do this with a deep sense of personal accountability where we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible when doing His work.


This is our secondary goal; to make an impact in the world. We offer this to whoever is hungry enough to rise to their full potential, and to inspire others to do the same. It is our passion to connect people in meaningful ways and this is how our team functions, through effective collaboration that enables each other to go further.


As a Christ-driven business, it is our responsibility to honour God and make Him known. We offer this for our people, and we live and breathe it in the communities we serve.

Impacting Communities

By combining the first few values, we seek to make a positive difference in the lives of others as a result of our stewardship to the Lord. We are His chosen ones and are called to serve Him in all areas of our business.

Our Vision

By living and breathing our values, this is what makes Arsea grounded in purpose. It is our goal to improve lives for the better. We do this by prioritising the needs of our people in all areas of their lives through each home that we have lovingly built and are developing.


Our Mission

As God’s love for His people, we too model after this as a people-centric business. It is because of this that we also make it our mission to become family-centric as part of our drive for elevated multigenerational living. We hope to foster stronger family connections that you will be making at your new home through the work we do, the relationships we continue to build, and the legacy that you will be leaving behind.

We too are a family – our people and our partners who are the pillars of Arsea, and when you embark on a new adventure with us, you too also become a part of our family.

Our Plans For A Better Tomorow

“We want to do our best for Singapore.”
– Raj, Founder

In embodying our values, we assure you that we are here to serve people under our Lord’s command.

So by doing our best, that also means we want to propel Singapore forward by enabling Singaporeans to achieve their potential in any way that we can. Apart from job creation, career development, and portfolio diversification; this also includes social development, a key factor in our long term goal of continuing and growing Arsea Group as a business with a social conscience.

We also reflect on the current pace of our industry. With the development of technology and digitalisation, this means that we are on the move more than ever before. We are tenacious in everything we undertake and are enthusiastic and excited about the future and what it brings. We stand committed in making the world a better place for our people, for you, and for our nation that we serve.

Our People

finance manager

Cheery, dedicated, and focused are some of the traits that best describes Alvina. Multitasking comes naturally, and managing multiple day-to-day financial operations is second-nature to her. As a trained finance manager with a plethora of accounting, corporate finance, and business principles along with her keen eye for detail, strategic ability, analytical mind, and outstanding organizational skills; Alvina is paving the way to positioning Arsea on the path of success.


A trained civil engineer from Nanyang Technological University, Anthony has honed his skills as a structural and sales engineer before joining Arsea where he pursued his passion in sales as a marketer and cost analyst. Independent, meticulous, and tenacious – these are some of Anthony’s personality traits that are instrumental in driving Arsea’s growth.   

His extensive knowledge in designing and project managing landed houses, condominiums, and industrial and commercial fit-outs; including sales, business development, and operations in precast technologies makes him a blessing in propelling Arsea to new heights with new ideas and innovative construction methods.


With 10 years of experience, David is a seasoned project coordinator and civil engineer who has a range of organisational skills that aid in successfully delivering every project Arsea has laid hands on. He brings his passion for his work everyday, continually exceeding expectations in offering exceptional customer service to our clients. 

He plays an integral role in ensuring that each project is completed within budget and on time, and is transparent every step of the way. This includes communicating effectively to our internal teams, to managing the clients that Arsea serves – by going the extra mile in taking a genuine interest in how Arsea can best deliver their vision of their ideal home. David’s innate drive for making dreams come true helps Arsea to prosper as an avant-garde boutique landed homes developer.


With experience ranging from e-commerce to tech to creative and digital strategy, Sue has a relentless and resilient spirit in making the impossible possible. Her fiery determination paired with her passion for enhanced creativity will position Arsea to propel and flourish in the digital field with new ideas and original concepts that offer a better way to connect and service Arsea’s clients and investors. 

She lives by this one rule – a quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is because the absence of physical contact commands the need for unparalleled bookended experiences that make things bespoke and personal for everyone – a lifelong goal of Arsea. With that in mind, Sue is rethinking the way the property and construction industry functions, transforming and reinventing how Arsea can improve lives one service, role, and offering at a time.


Managing multiple multimillion dollar projects from residential properties to commercial developments, and executing them within the stipulated time with unparalleled quality, is second-nature to Sara. As an on-site manager, he puts into practice an array of conflict management strategies, is detailed in routinely planning the daily operations, consistently finds ways to minimise potential risk, and monitors budgets; making him a key manager in handling and executing homes and offices that Arsea is proud of.

An engineer by trade, Sara is another asset to Arsea. He wears many hats and makes it his duty to offer creative solutions to take ordinary spaces to the next level – putting Arsea as more than just a landed homes developer, but one who prides in creating holistic spaces for multigenerational living.

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